Marina Bay Sands: It’s more than a Hotel

Whenever I travel, I always book a three-star hotel or something from Airbnb. When I’m in a new place I tend to be out for most of the day exploring, and where I sleep that night is usually of little concern. Marina Bay Sands is a completely different story. My partner and I weren’t planning to stay there (it was way too expensive for two unemployed travelers), but just before we left we were surprised with a night’s accommodation as a parting gift from a friend. We already loved him but now we feel we may owe him our first born…

We had to wait in line when we first got there. I was born in England so I wasn’t bothered. According to the staff we had waited too long and so they upgraded us. BOOM. Our view was amazing, the view from the gym is amazing, and then you go up to the infinity pool and NEVER EVER want to leave. They also bring you drinks to the pool. This made me happy.

One day in the future when I become some big-shot designer with infinite amounts of money, I will return. Marina Bay Sands, for that one night, you were amazing.

Author: Emily Bishop

4 thoughts on “Marina Bay Sands: It’s more than a Hotel

  1. We really messed up on this one! We visited Singapore just as the hotel was opening and rooms were under $200/night then. We didn’t book though because it felt too expensive for our backpacker budget. BIG MISTAKE…since now it’s actually truly unaffordable for us. Who knew? 😦


    • I’m not a fan of over disinfected, super bland hotel stays. Backpackers or airbnb is mostly my way but this place is incredible for a single night splurge. That pool alone! I wish I could say that it wasn’t that awesome but I just can’t haha.

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