Mount Tamborine. Moonshine, B&Bs and flying.

I guess this post is more of a ‘Why I love this place’ than an actual story, but I thought I would share. Mount Tamborine is one of my favourite places for a cute couple weekend away, or a wine tasting with some good girl friends.

The wine, the distilleries (from some of which you can buy what they call moonshine), the cheese, the brewery, the bushwalks (I would highly recommend the Curtis Falls bushwalk, the waterfall is amazing!), the Botanic Gardens and the adorable bed and breakfasts make this place a little gem in Southern Queensland. You need a car to get there. There may be some day tours that run from the Gold Coast, but I’d say rent a car and drive it yourself – if only for the fact that you can drive around and buy jams, flowers, fruit and veggies from out the front of all the local farms. It all reminds me of my Grandparents little farm in the English countryside.

I’ve been here mutliple times, for lots of different reasons. One time I even jumped off the mountain and went hang gliding, photos and video link below. I was terrified but it was an absolutely amazing experience and I would recommend the company I chose to tandem fly with. The experience is surreal, like you are ACTUALLY FLYING, instead of just falling.

So if you have the time in your holiday, or if you’re from Queensland and have always overlooked this place, please don’t. The drive up there is well worth it!

These are a collection of my photos of the place over the last five years of living in Brisbane and visiting the mountain:

Author: Emily Bishop

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